Tiki Mosaic is a company that was founded in 2015 in Kosovo, but started its production activity in 2016. Tiki originally started with a staff of 9 people, but due to the grown capacity, has since expanded to more than 50 workers, organized in three shifts. Currently, we have two production lines. The first has to do with the production of recycled mosaics, which are produced by the remains of broken glass and the second with the production of mosaics from pure glass - crystal. Both lines offer a wide spectrum of colors and shapes, carefully selected from Tiki Mosaic to make it suitable for every environment, be it classic or elegant, modern or minimal. Tiki Mosaic is continuously working to grow its capacity and enrich its product list with artistic work from mosaics.

Tiki Mosaic is focused on the production of different shapes of mosaic, a product which is constantly gaining popularity and growth in the local market and beyond. Mosaic Tiles are a part of the sanitary sector and the decoration of different objects of different sorts. This sector finds its application mainly in bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, spa, hotel lobbies, cafeterias, but can also be used in other environments. In a nutshell, this sector is in great demand in all construction industries and different decorations.

The core of our business is the production of mosaics made of glass, something that has not been available in our country or region before. Our products are entirely made of recycled glass, which means that the raw material is from the useless remains of glass that do not serve another purpose. The benefits of this kind of use are not limited to the production of mosaics but also serve the environment, considering that the wastes of glass make a not insignificant factor that harms the environment.