Crystal mosaics

The crystal mosaic catalog consists of 10 mosaic collections, labeled by precious stones. The inspiration for the naming of precious stones collections comes as the mosaic itself gives the shine and the different shades of color that it has on the basis of the day's refraction and its reflection, just like the precious stone. Precious stones are crystals that are expected, refined and appreciated due to their aesthetic value. Similarly, crystal mosaics are processed by giving them aesthetics and elegance, which then enrich and adorn the various environments. The collections are rich in a variety of colors, beautifully designed for all environments. The rich colors of precious stones give the ambient elegance and class.

Recycled mosaics

Recycled mosaics are 'eco-friendly' products produced by 100% recycled glass. Tiki Mosaic offers a wide range of beautifully recycled mosaics and permanent designs. High design offers high performance. Tiki's creations make the environment more luxurious by being livable. With a variety of colors selected with special care. Starting from the lightest and most elegant ones to the most daring and artistic ones. The variety of colors makes them suitable for all environments, both classic and elegant, as well as modern and minimal.